Case & Tray Packers

From mid to high-speed packing, we deliver innovative design, cutting edge technology and precise product control to create the most effective solution for your application.

Horizontal Load

Axiom® - 

Maximum performance offering industry leading speed and efficiency, and is extremely adaptable to meet the most demanding application.

Axiom® IM
  • Up to 45 cases or trays/minute
  • Intermittent motion
  • Custom inline, right angle or counter flow infeed options
  • View Axiom® IM
Axiom® ARC
  • Up to 100 cases or trays/minute
  • Continuous motion
  • High speed product control
  • View Axiom® ARC
Axiom® DL
  • Up to 55 cases or trays/minute
  • Continuous motion
  • Inline product flow and direct product loading into case
  • View Axiom® DL

Invex® - 

Unprecedented efficiency and economy. The Invex® IM blends the perfect combination of technology and design to achieve high performance for mid-range case packing applications.

Invex® IM

Top Load

TriVex® - 

Our top loading and product collation technologies ensure optimum interaction between product, packaging materials and machinery to create the most effective solutions for your application.

TriVex® RL & RLi
  • Up to 25 cases/minute
  • Cartesian and vision guided Delta robot configurations
  • Our most versatile top load systems
  • View TriVex® RL & RLi
TriVex® SL & SLi
  • Up to 25 cases/minute
  • Dual Scara robotic solution
  • The simplest retail ready case packer on the market
  • View TriVex® SL & SLi
TriVex® CLi
  • Up to 15 cases/minute
  • Ideal for IQF products such as frozen vegetables and potatoes
  • Large product size range
  • View TriVex® CLi
Top Load Vertical Pouches Top Load Multi-facing Pouches Top Load Three Facing Flat Packs Top Load Multi-layer Flat Pack Pouches Top Load Front Facing Pouches Top Load Multi-layer Cans and Cups  Top Load Cartons Pillow Bag Base Pillow Bag VP Base Gusset Bag Base Gusset Bag VP Base Pillow Bag Base Pillow Bag Base

Bottom Load

Ascend - 

The compact footprint, pre-load product collation, smooth case loading, and use of bottom load RSC cases provide an automation alternative when top loading is not a suitable option.

  • Up to 15 cases/minute
  • Ideal for heavy products such as tubs, jugs, bottles and cartons
  • Gentler product handling alternative to drop packers
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Tray Packing

Contour - 

Product collating and tray packing solution. Ideal for applications without shrink wrapping or where stand-alone machines are preferred.

Contour T-30/60
  • Up to 30 or 60 cycles/minute
  • 15-3/4″ (400mm) x 9″ (230 mm) x 22″ (560 mm) max size range
  • View Contour T-30/60
Contour T-80/105/150

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