Case & Tray Packers

From mid to high-speed packing, we deliver innovative design, cutting edge technology and precise product control to create the most effective solution for your application.

Horizontal Load

CpONE Horizontal Load Case and Tray Packer


This Simplifies Everything. A machine developed on new technology and over fifty years of product and material control experience, resulting in next-level simplicity. Simple operation. Simple maintenance. Simply next-level performance.

  • Up to 30 cases or trays/minute
  • Next generation design simplicity
  • Simplified operation and maintenance
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Axiom® - 

Maximum performance offering industry leading speed and efficiency, and is extremely adaptable to meet the most demanding application.

Axiom® IM
  • Up to 45 cases or trays/minute
  • Intermittent motion
  • Custom inline, right angle or counter flow infeed options
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Axiom® ARC
  • Up to 100 cases or trays/minute
  • Continuous motion
  • High speed product control
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Axiom® DL
  • Up to 55 cases or trays/minute
  • Continuous motion
  • Inline product flow and direct product loading into case
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Invex® - 

Unprecedented efficiency and economy. The Invex® IM blends the perfect combination of technology and design to achieve high performance for mid-range case packing applications.

Invex® IM

Top Load

TriVex® - 

Our top loading and product collation technologies ensure optimum interaction between product, packaging materials and machinery to create the most effective solutions for your application.

TriVex® RL & RLi
  • Up to 25 cases/minute
  • Cartesian and vision guided Delta robot configurations
  • Our most versatile top load systems
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TriVex® SL & SLi
  • Up to 25 cases/minute
  • Dual Scara robotic solution
  • The simplest retail ready case packer on the market
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TriVex® CLi
  • Up to 15 cases/minute
  • Ideal for IQF products such as frozen vegetables and potatoes
  • Large product size range
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Bottom Load

Ascend - 

The compact footprint, pre-load product collation, smooth case loading, and use of bottom load RSC cases provide an automation alternative when top loading is not a suitable option.

  • Up to 15 cases/minute
  • Ideal for heavy products such as tubs, jugs, bottles and cartons
  • Gentler product handling alternative to drop packers
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Tray Packing

Contour - 

Product collating and tray packing solution. Ideal for applications without shrink wrapping or where stand-alone machines are preferred.

Contour T-30/60
  • Up to 30 or 60 cycles/minute
  • 15-3/4″ (400mm) x 9″ (230 mm) x 22″ (560 mm) max size range
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Contour T-80/105/150

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