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Your satisfaction is important to us. That satisfaction starts with ensuring your machine is up and running as you’d expect it to be in a timely manner. Our goal is to have your full acceptance within 90 days of delivery of your new machine. 

Site Acceptance Testing

An important milestone in your machine delivery is the Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). This process includes 8 hours of total run time for each factory-tested recipe over two 8-hour shifts conducted by your team. Douglas technical support can be available onsite to assist with this process at our standard rates. During the SAT, the machine’s speed, efficiency and material yield is verified, giving you peace of mind you are getting equipment that will work to your expectations. If you feel validation has already been demonstrated through the commissioning and integration phases, you may opt to not perform the specific Site Acceptance Testing and sign the Certificate of Acceptance without completing the tests. 

90-Day Acceptance

If an SAT is to be performed, here are some best practices to consider:

  • Be sure to have all materials readily available to test all recipes. Corrugate material should meet the voluntary standards set by the Fiber Box Association or the Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s Institute for fiberboard boxes and blanks which run on automatic equipment.
  • Have all products and sizes that are listed in the machine specification ready to test in the quantities needed in order to get an accurate sense of performance.

Machine Speed, Efficiency & Material Yield

During the acceptance phase, we partner with you to ensure your machine meets or exceeds your expectations. Throughout this process, we work with you to measure machine speed, efficiency and material yield. 

Machine Speed
Testing will ensure the machine performs at the speeds specified in the machine specs. To accurately measure this, it is important that product is able to be delivered at the appropriate speeds to the machine. 

Machine Efficiency
As we all know, efficiency is a key indicator of profit for a business. During the SAT process, machine efficiency is measured and it is important the machine is allowed to run without intervention unless a fault has occurred. 

Material Yield
Output quality is of utmost importance to brands. That is why, throughout the acceptance process, Douglas ensures material yield meets your expectations as noted in the machine specs. 



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