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OPTX T-30 & T-60

Tray Packer

Enhanced Productivity through Simplified Operation

OPTX tray packers are available as stand-alone units or fully integrated systems with an OPTX shrink wrapper for tray-shrink applications. Flexible product grouping systems and precise tray forming offer exceptional performance.

Productivity is further enhanced with the addition of our patented Smartrak® II infeed system which eliminates product bridging and removes the gaps that compromise pack pattern accuracy and continuous product flow.

  • Speeds:
    • OPTX T-30: up to 30 cycles per minute
    • OPTX T-60: up to 60 cycles per minute
  • Stand-alone continuous motion tray packer or integrated with a shrink wrapper
  • Simple and repeatable changeovers
Horizontal load tray

Eliminates soft bottle bridging and removes gaps to ensure pack pattern accuracy and continuous product flow.

  • Modulated conveyor speeds control product surge and aid product flow
  • Tool-less clamps and pinned lane guide adjustments for stable operation and quick, accurate changeovers
  • Single clamp design at each cross member quickly locks in multiple lanes
Optic Smartrack

Fast, repeatable changeover feature offers multiple enhancements.

Changeover time – significantly reduces time to less than 5 minutes (time of changeover is dependent on extent of changeover)

Repeatability – rail positions are recipe-driven and locked in place to within +/- 1/32″

Flexibility – ability to place lanes where desired as opposed to centerline or fixed side adjustments and more customer options for generating product-specific recipes

Durability – infeed rail’s holding force can withstand high product pressure

Ergonomics – minimizing manual adjustments maximizes efficiency and promotes safety in the work environment

Variable Path Metering

Innovations to our patented Slipstream™ pinless metering system incorporate variable path registration bar technology and slip sheet technology.

  • Gently groups and meters products into the machine
  • Dynamic variable path motion registers products with less pressure and interruption to product flow
OPTX 30-60 SCAR Metering Upstream.jpg

Slipstream™ MS Mid-Speed Pinless Metering

Offers highly accurate product registration for slower speed applications.

  • Provides slip sheet grouping of pack patterns for tray packing
  • Run bottled, cartoned, canned and other products without the use of tampers or escapement pins
  • Tool-less changeovers and preprogrammed settings increase productivity
Multi-speed metering


Speed: OPTX T-30: up to 30 cycles/minute
OPTX T-60: up to 60 cycles/minute
Package Size Range: Minimum: 5″ (127 mm) x 3″ (76 mm) x 9.5″ (241 mm)
Maximum: 14″ (355 mm) x 12″ (305 mm) x 22″ (558 mm)
* Direction of Travel x Vertical x Across Machine
OPTX T-30 & T-60 tray packers easily accommodate large size ranges for the food and beverage industries.

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