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If you are in need of adding new products or pack size capabilities to your machine, contact our Technical Services team for assistance. Other retrofit services include:

  • Case orientation
  • Case type
  • Line layout/footprint
  • Directional changes
  • Product/material changes
  • And many more!
Retrofits & Upgrades | Secondary Packaging Equipment | Douglas


Machine upgrades fall into the categories of Reliability, Efficiency, Changeover, Quality, Technology, Maintenance, Safety and Environmental. Douglas offers many services in each of these categories. Machine enhancements availability is dependent on your machine make and model. Reach out to discuss what upgrades may be available for your equipment. 


As technology advances, some components become obsolete. Electrical components see the most rapid changes, however there has been a significant increase in the mechanical component obsolescence as well. 

If you have questions on obsolete parts, contact a Replacement Parts Specialist. They’ll work with our engineering team to determine the best fit solution for your machine and source the components on your behalf. Components will be shipped to you fully assembled and programmed.

Some common obsolete parts include:

  • Baldor magazine drives
  • Pac-Sci
  • Emerson
  • Older heater elements and corresponding temperature controls
  • DC magazine drive
  • Digital displays – alphanumeric displays
  • PLC 5
  • Pneumatics
  • Hub City bearings

“Douglas technician handled himself very professionally; he worked safe and efficiently to complete the tasks in a timely manner. So far after start-up of the retrofit to our heater banks the unit has performed flawlessly.”



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