Shrink Wrap Systems

As stand-alone or fully integrated systems, our shrink wrappers offer innovative features that maximize speed and easily accommodate large size ranges and pack patterns.

Shrink Wrappers

Contour - 

Shrink wrapping for applications with upstream product collating and tray packing.

Contour S-30/60 Shrink Wrappers
Contour S-80/105/150 Shrink Wrappers

VS Series - 

Compact wrapper providing economical shrink wrapping of tray packed product.

VS-25/40 Series

Shrink Packers

Contour - 

Complete integrated machine for loose product collating, tray packing and shrink wrapping. Additional package options make the SPS-Series our most flexible system.

Contour SPS-30/60 Shrink Packers
Contour SPS-80/105/150 Shrink Packers


Contour - 

Fully integrated machine for collating and shrink wrapping without base trays.

Contour M-60 Multiwrappers
Contour M-80/105/150 Multiwrappers

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