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NEXClip™ Paperboard Ring Applicators

Multipack Paperboard Ring Applicators

Sustainable Beverage Packaging

Preference for environmentally-friendly packaging is expanding, and paperboard is an increasingly popular alternative to plastics. With NEXClip applicators, you can make the sustainable switch by applying recyclable paperboard multipack clips as a replacement to plastic rings or snap-on handles.

Achieve your green goals without compromising quality, safety, or simplicity.

Application solutions:
  • NEXClip MC-L and MC-S for loose products
  • NEXClip MC-T for trayed product
  • NEXClip MC-I integrated within tray packers
Replenish clip magazines while running

Choose your material supplier
  • Douglas NEXClip machines are not tied to single supplier material contracts or blank designs
Applicator portfolio to fit your needs
  • Create 4, 6, and 8-packs of bottles or cans
  • Applicator solutions for loose products, product in preloaded trays, and integrated with tray packing equipment
Narrow machine footprint
  • 5-foot-wide main machine frames
  • Integrated model fits within the standard width of tray packer or tray-shrink machine
Infeed systems
  • Proven PET and can infeed systems applying Douglas’ tray metering, product robotic pin metering, and selector bar metering technologies
Speed modularity
  • Single applicators for moderate speed lines
  • Dual applicators for higher speeds and/or redundancy
Clip prebreak station
  • Improved material and applicator operating tolerances
  • Reduced application pressure
Robotic applicators – Rockwell controls
  • Low maintenance: No gantry mechanisms or related bearings, belts, or lubrication needs
  • Tool-less simple changeover including pick heads, staging/prebreak platgorms, and application heads
Clip application verification and reject systems

  • Optimized fit within existing lines
  • Ease of access and ergonomics for operators and maintenance
  • Single and dual applicators based on speeds required

NEXClip Floorplan

  • Standard Rockwell controls and commercial components – no separate robot controllers
  • Fewer components, lube free. Robot(s) reduce need for belts, pulleys, chains, linear bearings, igus cable and hose tracks, and other components associated with gantry/Cartesian type mechanisms
  • Maintenance is reduced, operation is simplified, and reliability is enhanced
  • Quick-change applicator heads

  • Magazine capacity up to 1000 blanks (each)
  • Load blanks in one or both magazines while running to maximize production throughput

End load tray cartons horizontal-load-end-load-harness-style-case-cartons Knockdown end load cartons       and more!

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