Continuous Motion Wraparound Case and Case/Tray Packer

High-Speed Direct Load Case and Tray Packing

The OPTX WA/WT series continuous motion wraparound case and case/tray packers deliver consistency in performance, lower operating costs and optimize package quality for high-production operations. Inline, direct load simplicity, efficiency and flow with increased accessibility. A combination of durability and smart design optimizes control of products and the forming and sealing of cases and trays. The design features durable performance and long-life flap folding and compression tooling incorporating hardened double-pitch chain components to minimize stretch and wear.

  • OPTX WA for wraparound case packing.
  • OPTX WT for both case and tray packing.
  • Speeds up to 80 packs/minute.
  • Wraparound cases run narrow-side leading, flaps leading and trailing, minimizing the number of infeed lanes.
  • Trays run wide-side leading using conventional end-slotted trays and are oriented for downstream shrink wrapping.
  • Positive product control – front containment option controls grouping of tippy products. Product hold-down option stabilizes light products during case forming.
  • Compression design provides long-life durability, adjustability and seal performance.
  • Simplified compression block design utilizes hardened chain components, no bushings or cam tracks.
  • Top panel control prevents drag-back and positively aligns panel and score lines to improve case squaring.
  • Reciprocating case and tray feeder efficiently manages size range.
  • Simplified product metering system improves access and reduces maintenance by eliminating chains and more.
  • Seamless merging and loading provides precise control of both product and corrugated materials.

Reciprocating case and tray feeder

Simplified Product Metering System

  • Front containment option controls grouping of tippy products.
  • Product hold-down option stabilizes light product during case forming.
OPTX WA/WT Positive Product Control
  • Intuitive operation physically registers leading edge of product groups and controls group separation from incoming flow.
  • Recipe setting of product group length and controlled separation.
  • Dual overhead pin bars register and release product groups of round products.
  • A simple change to straight bars and recipe control of a variable position transfer point positively meters groups of cartons, bundles and square-cornered containers.
  • Changeover is simplified with open access to two registration bars, unobstructed lane guide adjustments, and recipe selection.
OPTX WA/WT Metering
OPTX WA/WT Metering - Cases
Fast, repeatable changeover feature offers multiple enhancements.
  • Changeover time – significantly reduces time to less than 5 minutes (time of changeover is dependent on extent of changeover)
  • Repeatability – rail positions are recipe-driven and locked in place to within +/- 1/32″
  • Flexibility – ability to place lanes where desired as opposed to centerline or fixed side adjustments and more customer options for generating product-specific recipes
  • Durability – infeed rail’s holding force can withstand high product pressure
  • Ergonomics – minimizing manual adjustments maximizes efficiency and promotes safety in the work environment
SmartSelect Automatic Changeover
  • Mass flow or individual lane infeed solutions to suit round and square shaped products.
  • Smartrak infeeds optimize product flow, controlling product surge and lane population. Its tool-less and pinned lane adjustment method provides stable operation and quick, accurate changeovers.
  • Optional SmartSelect provides automated lane position changeover. Infinite adjustment positions capable of being set for mass flow or laned products.
  • Product optimized lane guide design and vibratory options address product bridging/binding.
Smartrak II Infeed Design
    Double-pitch heavy duty #60 chain and hardened chain components
  • Design offsets the effects of chain stretch, compensating for wear and maintaining quality case compression
Top panel control
Wide-side leading tray orientation simplifies delivery to downstream shrink wrapping, if applicable.
Speeds: Up to 80 packs/minute
Case/Tray Types: OPTX WA: Wraparound cases
OPTX WT: Wraparound cases and trays
Case/Tray Size Range: OPTX WA or WT: Wraparound cases
  • 2″ to 5″ flaps
  • 1.5″ to 2″ manufacturer’s flap
  • 1.25″ minimum major flap gap
  • Minimum: 6″ (152 mm) x 5″ (127 mm) x 5.75″ (146 mm)
  • Maximiums:
Pitch Maximum Case Size WA
Max Case Blank Size
Max Case Blank Size
27″ 16″ (406 mm) x 14″ (356 mm) x 16″ (406 mm) 25″ x 54″ 22″ x 54″
33″ 20″ (508 mm) x 14″ (356 mm) x 16″ (406 mm) 27″ x 54″ 27″ x 54″
Direction of Travel x Vertical x Across Machine
Tray Size Range: OPTX WT: Trays
  • 1.5″ to 4″ flaps
  • Minimum: 5″ (127 mm) x 3″ (76 mm) x 9.25″ (235 mm)
  • Maximum: 13″ (330 mm) x 14″ (356 mm) x 22″ (558 mm)
    *12″ maximum vertical if shrink wrapping downstream
Direction of Travel x Vertical x Across Machine
Frame/Finish: Powder-coated cold rolled bar stock, sheet, and tubular steel DuPont 616 gray metallic, Washdown options available
Magazine Capacity: 10′ (3 m)
Glue System: Nordson ProBlue® Flex
Adjustments: HMI selectable recipes, automatic position actuators, threaded screws, hand wheels and hand knobs with position pointers and numberic scales
Guarding: Category 3 guarding Full length 1/2″ (12.7 mm) acrylic guard doors (main machine) and clear polycarbonate
Electrical: Rockwell Automation (AB) programmable logic controller, servo and AC drives, and PanelView+ HMI Washdown options available
Power: 480V, 50/60HZ, 3PH, second 480V drop for glue unit
Air: 90 PSI (6.2 bar)
OPTX WA/WT provides horizontal load packages for wraparound cases and trays in a variety of configurations.
Horizontal load wraparound bottles Horizontal load wraparound case pack Horizontal load tray 12-count canister Horizontal load tray 10-count bottles