Documentation on HMIs

At Douglas Machine, we take pride in bringing simplicity to the complex world of secondary packaging. Our mission is to empower your enterprise with innovative products, services and insights to streamline its packaging operations. Today, we’ll be walking you through the basics of HMI systems and on-machine documentation to help you find the right secondary packaging solution for your unique needs.

What is an HMI System?

At its core, an HMI (human-machine interface) system forms the bridge between person and machine. The particular device that allows you to cross that bridge can be anything from a single physical push button to a sophisticated touch screen software system.

Interacting with, monitoring and directing the actions of an industrial system comes down to the HMI. Whatever form the HMI takes, its goal remains constant: to make it easy and efficient to operate a machine and achieve the desired results.

Documentation at Your Fingertips

So let’s say your machine is running smoothly, production is as it should be … and then suddenly it’s not. A light flashes, an alarm trips and wails, production stops. Something needs fixing, adjusting or replacing—but you’re not sure what. You hunt for the user manual, which you eventually discover is conveniently located on a shelf in Bob’s office behind the potted plant.

Bob, of course, is on vacation.

Meanwhile, the manual remains resting on the shelf in a locked office, quietly collecting dust. The alarm still wails, the light still flashes, and production remains at a standstill.

But if you’re working from a screen-based HMI system, there’s an easier way. What if there was simply a button you could push to display the user manual, putting essential information and instructions at your fingertips, ready to help? Bob’s absence wouldn’t even be an issue. By providing instant access to the specific information you need, on-machine documentation directly accessible from the HMI can bolster productivity and cut down on operator frustration.

Does Douglas Machine Provide On-Machine Documentation?

Yes! Machines manufactured by Douglas have optional on-machine documentation, placing the Operator/Service Manual and all of its instructions, photos, diagrams and information at your fingertips at any time. The manual is in a familiar and easy-to-navigate PDF format.

Douglas provides a standard documentation package with each machine as well. The standard package provides informative and easy-to-understand Operator and Service machine documentation. We also offer optional job aids to simplify daily operator/service procedures and help break down language barriers.

Standard Documentation Package

Provided at Machine Shipment
  • Two Operator Manuals
  • One set of vendor-supplied OEM bulletins
  • Two Changeover Adjustment Setting Charts
Provided 10 to 14 Days after Machine Shipment
  • Two Service Manuals
  • One USB flash drive containing the following assets:
    • Operator Manual (.pdf format)
    • Service Manual (.pdf format)
    • Bill of Materials and Instructions (.xls format)
    • Original Changeover Settings (.xls format)
    • Original Recipe Variable Settings (,xls format)
    • Assembly Drawings and Instructions (.pdf format)
    • Electrical Drawings (.pdf and .dwg format)
    • Electrical Program & HMI Program (PLC program)
    • Reassembly Photos (.pdf format)
    • Job Aids (.pdf format)
  • Two sets of job aids (printed and electronic – .pdf only):
    • Changeover Job Aid
    • Troubleshooting Job Aid

Find out More About Douglas Machine’s Documentation Options

Visit us online, email us at or give us a call at 320.204.5408 to learn more about the documentation options available for each machine Douglas manufactures. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!