Film-Only Conversion Delivers Versatility to Douglas Shrink Pack Systems

Combining shrink wrap and trays is a common packaging solution for a number of industries, largely because it’s easily adaptable and cost-effective. Douglas Machine wants to provide more flexibility and contribute to your company’s growth and success. That’s why we offer the Film-Only Conversion enhancement on existing shrink packer systemsand Film-Only options on new shrink packer systems. Customers can now take advantage of a whole new market and reduce material costs by going beyond trays and pads to running film-only products.

The Douglas film-only conversion allows a tray-and-pad machine to run as a film-only machine via a changeover process. This conversion increases the types of packages that a single line can run, granting a customer’s machine the capability to run tray, pad and film-only pack patterns. Most existing sizes can run as film-only sizes after this upgrade.

Enhancements to our existing shrink packer systems in a customer plant include modifications to the flight rails and overhead sweep to contain loose product. A mat-top chain and rails are added through the sweep for support. The modified tunnel allows more air and heat control, and a micro-pitch chain tunnel discharge conveyor is added to increase product handling out of the tunnel. The infeed section of the machine does not require upgrades. This capability allows customers to run their existing Contour Shrink Packer System (SPS) as both a tray/shrink packer and a multi-wrapper in one machine!

A Rundown on the SPS-Series

Film-only capability is available on new equipment as an option. For example, the SPS-Series offers the following advantages:

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers
  • Side-mounted film stand to assure proper ergonomics and add convenience for film loading and splicing
  • Flexible servo-driven wrapping wand for exceptional film control
  • Revolutionary patented heat tunnel uses advanced heat and airflow management, delivering tightly wrapped packages for maximum package integrity and appearance

The Douglas Contour heat tunnel is designed with the aesthetics of your product in mind. Whether your application calls for single or multiple lane production, unprecedented heat and airflow management ensures minimal graphic distortion, consistent bull’s-eyes and a tighter, more durable wrap. Enhanced tunnel operations significantly reduce noise and exterior heat temperatures, contributing to a quieter, cooler plant environment.

High-Efficiency Heat Source

The heat system is designed to ensure that the air supplied to the distribution system is perfectly uniform, eliminating film distortion due to hot or cold pockets. The Contour heat tunnel continuously recycles the air as it cools, decreasing the amount of energy required to reach operating temperature. A well-insulated heat tunnel minimizes heat loss, which also maintains a safe outer surface temperature.

Balanced Laminar Airflow

At the heart of this innovation is a combination of design features, which result in “laminar” airflowrather than “turbulent” airflow, which most shrink systems use today. Unlike turbulent airflow, which causes a multitude of shrinking inconsistencies, our proprietary laminar design precisely balances the heated air, perfectly “coating” the film from every direction, shrinking and sealing the film in an even, predictable manner.

Precision Lap Seam Welding

Evenly heated air passing through the open web conveyor contacts the film under the product, resulting in consistent “air weld” of the film lap seam. Tunnel chain temperature and airflow are precisely adjusted through product-specific, recipe-driven changeovers, optimizing performance. Poor lap sealing due to insufficient heat or holes melted in the seams due to overheating are eliminated, resulting in strong and even seams that hold up to the rigors of distribution and stocking operations.

Automatic Film Splicer

This option is a great addition to a new Contour Shrink Wrap System. Its simplicity and convenience provides an efficient work environment for the operator. The ergonomically designed automatic film splicer delivers precise print registration and heat splicing, reducing critical machine downtime. Moreover, the easy-access side film stand enables operators to stage clear or printed film, at their convenience, while the machine is running. Staging during operation maximizes production time and minimizes the occurrence of empty film faults. And once the film is staged, no operator attention is needed for splicing. Splicing occurs automatically, providing operators considerable flexibility with workload.

Additional package options make the SPS-Series our most flexible system.

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