Reliability Assurance Program

Improve Your Bottom Line With the Douglas Reliability Assurance Program

The Douglas Reliability Assurance Program provides comprehensive and timely machine inspection, along with audit and analysis services to help improve your bottom line. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and services you need to reach your maintenance goals and ensure maximum productivity.

Base Package Includes:

  • Timely scheduled visits over a 24-month period based on individual needs
  • Five-percent (5%) discount off current published hourly service rates
  • Ten-percent (10%) discount off any parts purchased
  • Visual inspection for worn or broken parts
  • Thermal imaging inspection; reducing unnecessary repairs
  • Materials assessment to ensure the machine is appropriately adjusted and materials are suitable for the machine
  • Line assessment to evaluate for redundant tasks and operational inefficiencies
  • Automatic notification of Firmware upgrades
  • Machine technology-enhancement assessment and recommendation
  • Informal hands-on training and coaching focusing on enhancing performance
  • Simple machine adjustments; increasing efficiencies
  • Parts usage/stock review to ensure accurate parts inventory
  • Critical wear parts kit; parts based on individual machine needs
  • A comprehensive report detailing each completed task with recommendations
  • Flexibility to work within any existing customer maintenance program
Download Reliability Assurance Program Brochure

For complete program details, please contact Technical Support