Reliability Assurance Program

Where your machine doesn’t control downtime … you do!

“Whether it is rebuilds in the field, upgrade projects or phone support, Reliability Assurance is always there for us. We are very happy to be members of this program.” -James Nelson / DWJ Packaging Solutions

In a packaging production facility, there are many teams that together work to keep the facility running smoothly and producing the products we all use in our day-to-day lives. Out of all these teams, there is one group whom often get thrown to the side until disaster strikes.

Preventive maintenance teams are the ones who keep production lines moving efficiently in every stage. Maintenance teams all around the world need to schedule productive downtime to work on and upgrade equipment. As product generation takes the lead in most facilities, maintenance teams are forced to work around production schedules. It is often hard keeping qualified staff on board, and just as challenging to keep the lines running when an emergency breakdown occurs. Too often we look at what we could have done after a breakdown occurs rather than utilize resources to avoid breakdowns and production delays.

Reliability Assurance offered by Douglas Machine

If you have ever had to ask yourself one or more of the questions below, Douglas’ Reliability Assurance Program may be your answer!

  • What can be done to avoid machine breakdowns that throw our facility into a frenzy?
  • What can we do to insure that the wear parts on our units do not meet catastrophic failure?
  • How do we get qualified assistance for our equipment?

Douglas’ Reliability Assurance Program (RAP) focuses on comprehensive measures to decrease your downtime and increase production. We have studied our customers and worked to create an all-inclusive program customizable to your budget and your Douglas equipment.

During a standard six-visit/24-month program, approximately every four months one of our knowledgeable technicians will visit your facility to conduct visual inspections to identify worn or broken parts and complete material and line assessments to improve machine efficiencies. Our experienced technicians will make physical adjustments on a large and small scale while providing informal hands-on training. Your team will receive automatic notification of out-of-date firmware and be informed of possible upgrades that could improve your production lines. After every RAP visit, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing machine status and direction on how to keep your machine producing for you well into the future.

During every visit the technician will:

  • Review machine data and work on correcting any frequently occurring faults
  • Take thermal images of gearboxes and electrical cabinets
  • Conduct a parts/usage and stock room parts assessment
  • Conduct a line assessment to determine if the line could run more efficiently if parts of the line were changed
  • Assess the material to verify that it is suitable for the machine
  • Upgrade firmware on your equipment, if needed
  • Make a list of recommended upgrades for your equipment to help it run more efficiently
  • Provide qualified documentation and machine reports

Visit Breakdown:

  • Visit #1 – Machine tune-up and assessment, hands on training
  • Visit #2 – Machine tune-up and assessment, hands on training
  • Visit #3 – Machine tune-up and assessment, hands on training, a minor replacement of parts from the critical wear parts list
  • Visit #4 – Machine tune-up and assessment, hands on training
  • Visit #5 – Machine tune-up and assessment, hands on training
  • Visit #6 – Machine tune-up and assessment, hands on training, a major replacement of parts from the critical wear parts list

Also included in the RAP:

  • 5% off current published hourly service rates
  • 10% off any parts purchased
  • Note: These discounts are available per plant location

Just as your Douglas machine is a custom piece of equipment in your plant, our RAP program is customizable to fit your specific needs. Whether it be operator and maintenance training or monthly runability visits, we have the tools and support to keep your machines running at top efficiency. Douglas stands behind all quoted parts and warranty workmanship 100%. If ever an issue arises, you can appreciate the peace of mind knowing that our team is here to back you up and get you back into production mode.

At Douglas Machine, we understand the needs and demands of our customers, including the limitation of small maintenance teams. This creates industrywide issues of an inability to conduct needed rebuilds, and the unavailability of skilled and knowledgeable technicians to keep top efficiencies. Our RAP program is designed to solve these issues on your timeline, and within your budget.

Working in a facility where the preventive maintenance list never ends, can be a very daunting task to budget and schedule productive downtime. However, avoiding doing so can lead to expensive breakdowns and a delay in production times. Do you wish to choose productive downtime on your schedule or do you wish for your machine to choose it for you?

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