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Contour S-80/105/150

Shrink Wrappers

Douglas Gives You More with Contour Shrink Wrap Systems

Higher performance through advanced solutions. Boldly at the forefront of packaging trends and market demands, the Contour Series continues to raise the standards for shrink wrap performance. With intelligent, adaptable and economical solutions offering advanced heat tunnel technology, superior efficiency and ultimate reliability, our shrink wrap systems meet all facets of today’s accelerated production challenges while ensuring your brand is consistently presented with industry-leading package appearance and durability.

  • Speeds:
    • S-80: up to 80 cycles per minute
    • S-105: up to 105 cycles per minute
    • S-150: up to 150 cycles per minute
  • Clear or printed film wrapping of trayed product
  • Available as a standalone unit or integrated with a tray packer (T-series)
  • Simple and repeatable changeovers
  • Single or dual spindle side film stands available for easy film loading and splicing
  • Flexible servo driven wrapping wand provides exceptional film control
  • Revolutionary patented heat tunnel uses advanced heat and airflow management, delivering tightly wrapped packages for maximum package integrity and appearance

Eliminates soft bottle bridging and removes gaps to ensure pack pattern accuracy and continuous product flow.

  • Modulated conveyor speeds control product surge and aid product flow
  • Tool-less clamps and pinned lane guide adjustments for stable operation and quick, accurate changeovers
  • Single clamp design at each cross member quickly locks in multiple lanes

Fast, repeatable changeover feature offers multiple enhancements.

Changeover time – significantly reduces time to less than 5 minutes (time of changeover is dependent on extent of changeover)

Repeatability – rail positions are recipe-driven and locked in place to within +/- 1/32″

Flexibility – ability to place lanes where desired as opposed to centerline or fixed side adjustments and more customer options for generating product-specific recipes

Durability – infeed rail’s holding force can withstand high product pressure

Ergonomics – minimizing manual adjustments maximizes efficiency and promotes safety in the work environment

Film stands are side-mounted to assure proper and productive ergonomics. The stand mounts outside the machine at the operator’s waist level to ensure easy film roll loading. A second film spindle provides easy access to a spare film roll and convenient film splicing increases uptime.

Offers options for a wide range of shrink materials. By efficiently cutting film as thin as 1.25 mil and maintaining the necessary speeds, production is increased while costs are reduced.

The ergonomically designed automatic film splicer delivers precise print registration and heat splicing, reducing critical machine downtime. The easy-access side film stand enables operators to stage clear or printed film, at their convenience, while the machine is running. Staging during operation maximizes production time and minimizes the occurrence of empty film faults. Once the film is staged, no operator attention is needed for splicing. Splicing occurs automatically; providing operators considerable flexibility with work load.

This option is a great addition to a new Contour Shrink Wrap System. Its simplicity and convenience provides an efficient work environment for the operator.

Shrink Wrapping Film Splicer

The wrapping wand uses quick change circular, elliptical or trapezoidal wand paths, depending on product size range. This results in increased film control. More benefits include a large size range, the ability to accept randomly spaced products and few parts to maintain.

Wrapping Wands

Dramatically reduces or eliminates maintenance. Belt tracking loads are effectively absorbed, allowing faster continual speeds made possible by our advanced needle bearing design. Wrapper table nose bar assemblies have direct accessibility for replacing or repairing parts quickly and easily without removing tables. This is an optional feature for 80-Series machines and standard on 105/150-Series machines.

Heat Tunnel

The Douglas Contour heat tunnel is designed with the aesthetics of your product in mind. Whether your application calls for single or multiple lane production, unprecedented heat and airflow management ensures minimal graphic distortion, consistent bull’s-eyes and a tighter, more durable wrap. Enhanced tunnel operations significantly reduce noise and exterior heat temperatures, contributing to a quieter, cooler plant environment.

High Efficiency Heat Source

The heat system is designed so that the air supplied to the distribution system is perfectly uniform, eliminating film distortion due to hot or cold pockets. The Contour heat tunnel continuously recycles the air as it cools, decreasing the amount of energy required to reach operating temperature. A well-insulated heat tunnel minimizes heat loss, which also maintains a safe outer surface temperature.

Balanced Laminar Airflow

At the heart of this innovation is a combination of design features, which result in “laminar” airflow, rather than “turbulent” airflow, which most shrink systems use today. Unlike turbulent airflow, which causes a multitude of shrinking inconsistencies, our proprietary laminar design precisely balances the heated air, perfectly “coating” the film from every direction, shrinking and sealing the film in an even, predictable manner.

Precision Lap Seam Welding

Evenly heated air passing through the open web conveyor contacts the film under the product resulting in consistent “air weld” of the film lap seam. Tunnel chain temperature and airflow are precisely adjusted through product specific recipe-driven changeovers, optimizing performance. Poor lap sealing due to insufficient heat or holes melted in the seams due to overheating are eliminated, resulting in strong and even seams that hold up to the rigors of distribution and stocking operations.

Reduce energy costs and improve production efficiency with a shorter heat-up time by using gas instead of electricity to heat the shrink wrap tunnel. Tunnel heat from 75°F to 360°F in just 20 minutes, cutting the heat-up time by almost 30%. Depending on local energy costs and the type of machine used with the gas tunnel, it is estimated that companies could cut energy costs up to 75%. Contact Douglas to calculate your estimated cost savings.


Drive: Servo motors
Pitch: Application dependent
Speed: 80 Series: up to 80 cycles/minute
105 Series: up to 105 cycles/minute
150 Series: up to 150 cycles/minute
Product Size Range: Minimum: 5″ (127 mm) x 3″ (76.2 mm) x 9.25″ (234.95 mm)
Maximum: 13″ (330.2 mm) x 12″ (304.8 mm) x 22″ (558.8 mm)
* Direction of Travel x Vertical x Across Machine
Film Length: Minimum: 16″ (406.4 mm)
Film Thickness: 1.5 mil to 3.5 mil printed or non-printed film
Film Width: 30” (762 mm) standard
Model dependent
Legs: Threaded
Adjustments: Threaded screws, handwheels and hand knobs with position pointers and scales
Digital scales, phase adjustments and optional auto adjust packages
Guarding: Polycarbonate guarding
Other guard packages per project specification (optional)
Electrical: Allen Bradley GuardLogix motion and control logic or per project specification
NEMA 12 wiring and enclosures
NEMA 4 or 4X wiring and enclosures (optional)
Finish: Gray metallic baked-on epoxy powder coat, other colors per project specification
All parts in contact with product are stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic
OEM parts are manufacturers’ standard finish
Power: 480VAC, 50/60HZ, 3PH
One main drop and one glue drop
Other power sources available
Air: Per project specification
The Contour Series easily accommodate large size ranges and pack patterns ideal for the food and beverage industries.

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