How Craft Breweries Can Drive Sales with Secondary Packaging

The craft beer market continues to explode. Competition in this industry is tough. There were 6,000 breweries in operation during 2017, with 98 percent of them small and independent craft brewers. People are drinking a greater volume of craft beer than ever before, but they’re also drinking a wider variety of different types of craft beer.

As a craft brewer, you want to expose craft beer drinkers to as many types of your beer as possible. One of the growing packaging trends is assembling variety packs that serves as a showcase for a brewery’s products. Consumers love to try out different flavors and makes of beer, especially in this form of packaging as the commitment is limited. Having 2-3 of each type of beer allows for beer drinkers to enjoy the novelty of drinking seasonal or newly made beers, without committing to buying an entire case of them.

How can craft breweries attract attention from consumers in such a crowded marketplace? Through secondary packaging.

A company’s brand and packaging tell a story to the consumer. Consumers are looking to the breweries, and the packaging, to articulate how it tastes while also defining what kind of experience they will have while drinking the product. Craft beer manufacturers can spend a lot of money to visually convey that message to their consumers. At Douglas, we understand that your brand matters. You have already invested greatly in the brand message, image and competitive edge. Now it is time to invest in equipment capable of creating the best secondary package to convey your brand.

What is Secondary Packaging?

Secondary packaging is generally the front line in brand recognition. It is the first thing a customer sees. Primary packaging is the layer of packaging that is in immediate contact with the product. Primary packaging would be considered a singular beer, whereas secondary packaging would be a case of beer.

Beyond recognition and first impression, secondary packaging must also be able to contain and protect the individual product and the primary packaging, as it travels from the plant to the customer’s refrigerator.

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The Shipping and Handling of Beer

The right secondary packaging solution will protect beer during its journey from the brewery to retailers and eventually to consumers. Damaged packaging most likely will not do as good of a job protecting the product. Damaged packaging can also give consumers a bad impression of a product and its brand. Consumers are very selective when making purchases and often times the damaged packages tend to be the last to remain on the shelf in a store.

When the product or primary packaging is loose inside the secondary packaging it was shipped in, it can also give the consumer a negative view of the company’s brand. It could be the result of sizing issues or lack of protection inside the container that allow it to rattle around inside the container. These issues not only impact this one-time purchase, but it can also make a consumer think twice about purchasing another product from that company in the future.

Companies can create a positive experience for their consumers through packaging. Using multiple layers of packaging that separate the components protects the product while it’s in transit. It can also help focus the consumer’s attention on one component at a time, helping to create an appreciation for each part. The company supports their quality product with a quality package for the product’s protection. Quality packaging also visually conveys product quality to the consumer.

Secondary Packaging Can Boost Your Beer’s Branding Efforts

Branding makes all the difference. When there are so many products to choose from in the market, standing out from the competition is a key driver of sales. Branding and shelf appeal can become the primary differentiator. The growth of craft beer has resulted in more engaging, premium and visually appealing secondary packaging throughout the beverage market.

To achieve the high-quality printed graphics beverage companies desire, secondary packaging suppliers continue to innovate and improve their offerings. To keep customers coming back to their brand, companies need to continually produce new products and new packaging.

Brand expression is vital. There is so much passion behind each brand and so much individuality. Packaging is what the consumer interacts with most. The package is the perfect way to convey that individuality and reach out and grab consumers. The stories behind the craft breweries resonate strongly with people. Stories of how the breweries started, how they operate, how they compete. These stories should be portrayed through the packaging and branding.

When considering packaging options, be sure to look into the crystal ball of packaging sizes (4, 6, 10, 12, etc.) and pick a machine that your brand can grow into. Since the market is ever-changing, it’s ideal if your packaging machine has the flexibility to accommodate those changes.

Secondary Packaging with Douglas Machine Inc.

With the craft breweries’ goal of promoting a brand and successfully protecting the brand packaging, Douglas Machine can partner with the craft brew industry by providing a wide range of secondary packaging types (shrink, carton, cases and more). Our adaptable platforms and leading-edge solutions result in greater throughput. Our ability to offer variety/rainbow pack capability along with innovative design, cutting edge technology and precise product control offer the most effective and flexible solutions for your application.

Douglas machines are built to sustain the industry rigors day after day without compromising your all-important brand in any way. In every aspect of your relationship with us, you will experience 100% commitment to a partnership that ensures your brand is represented with quality, integrity and pride.