Shrink Wrap Machines for Food, Beverage and More

Shrink Wrap Machines for Food, Beverage, Consumer Goods Suppliers, Pharmaceutical and Banks & Government Agencies

What Does a Shrink Wrap Machine Do?

A shrink wrap machine does exactly what its name suggests: it wraps film around a product, then shrinks that film to tightly fit the product using a heat source. The film, a polymer plastic, can be clear or artfully decked out with graphics—whatever best fits the product. Shrink wrap machines range in size from handheld heat guns to industrial-size heat tunnels.

What Industries Benefit from Using Shrink Wrap Machines?

#1 – The Beverage Industry

Walk through any grocery store and you’ll spot neat and eye-catching bundles of shrink-wrapped beverages, ready for easy transport into your cart. The U.S. beverage market alone boasts more than $350 billion in annual sales, assisted by shrink wrap machines. Check out Douglas Machine’s Contour shrink wrappers and packers – built for speed, durability and quality to serve this demanding industry.

#2 – The Food Industry

Like the beverage industry, the food industry makes wide use of shrink wrap machines to package, protect, bundle and market its products. From canned goods and ready-to-eat foods to whole foods and more, shrink wrap machines can play a huge part in a product’s ease of transport and marketability. Douglas Machine’s VS Series shrink wrappers and Contour shrink wrappers and packers are custom-built to provide precise and effective shrink wrap solutions across the food industry.

#3 – Consumer Goods Suppliers

Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and resellers use shrink wrap machines to protect and package a plethora of products. These solutions are employed to wrap board games, bundles of paper, toys, tools, DVDs, electronics, sports equipment and cleaning supplies … you name it. When used on consumer goods, shrink wrap can deter tampering, keep products neatly bundled, and protect items from environmental damage, ensuring that they reach buyers in good condition.

#4 – The Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, shrink wrap machines play an integral role in sealing caps and providing a way to detect tampering. Pharmaceutical producers use these solutions to maintain safety and sterility standards across their over-the-counter and prescription products.

#5 – Banks & Government Agencies

When banks physically transport money, shrink wrap plays a part in keeping that money safe; the specialty shrink wrap changes colors when stretched. Government agencies employ a similar technique, applying tamper-evident shrink wrap to sensitive items.

Shrink Wrap Machines at Douglas Machine Inc.

Douglas Machine shrink wrap systems provide efficient, innovative shrink wrap solutions for customers with large production needs. Our standalone or fully integrated shrink wrap systems are customized to our customers’ needs and maximize speed while handling a wide range of product sizes and pack patterns. Read on to find out more about our shrink wrap solutions.

Contour™ Shrink Wrappers

Our Contour shrink wrap machines are built to serve applications with upstream product collating and tray packing. These shrink wrappers feature advanced heat tunnel technology, which enables them to maximize shrink wrapping production, reaching speeds up to 100 cycles per minute. The Douglas Contour’s revolutionary patented heat tunnel is designed with the aesthetics of your product in mind. Whether your application calls for single or multiple lane production, unprecedented heat and airflow management ensures minimal graphic distortion, consistent bull’s-eyes and a tighter, more durable wrap for maximum package integrity and appearance. Enhanced tunnel operations significantly reduce noise and exterior heat temperatures, contributing to a quieter, cooler plant environment.

Contour™ Shrink Packers

Douglas Machine’s Contour shrink packer is a complete integrated machine, taking your product through loose collating, tray packing and shrink wrapping. Additional package options make the SPS-Series our most flexible shrink wrap system. With intelligent, adaptable and economical solutions, our shrink wrap systems meet all facets of today’s accelerated production challenges while ensuring your brand is consistently presented with industry-leading package appearance and durability. Contour shrink packers can reach speeds of up to 150 cycles per minute.

VS Series Shrink Wrappers

These shrink wrap machines provide exceptional package quality in a compact shrink wrapper, offering a high level of control and precision. Reaching speeds of up to 40 cycles per minute, our VS Series shrink wrappers are designed to interface with existing tray packers, including Douglas Machine’s Invex® and Axiom®. Using single film roll technology, costly maintenance problems associated with conventional cutting and sealing technologies are eliminated. The optional print-registered film control gives you the ability to enhance your package appearance on the store shelf. Combined with Douglas’ proprietary heat tunnel technology, our VS Series shrink wrappers ensure your brand is always presented with quality and pride.

Douglas Quality Doesn’t End at the Machine

When you purchase a shrink wrap system from Douglas, our commitment goes beyond providing a top-notch, industry-leading machine. We stand by our machines (and our customers) with a comprehensive support system that includes machine frame and parts warranties, 24/7 technical assistance, a thorough documentation package, on-site training opportunities and more.

Find out More About Douglas Machine’s Shrink Wrap Systems

Visit us online, email us at, or give us a call at 320-204-5408 to learn more about the shrink wrap systems we manufacture, including details about specifications and the technology used to build each system. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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