Benefits of a Case Packer Machine

Since manufacturers need to keep up with production demands, many turn to automation for a solution. A Douglas case packer is a great solution to automation as it may provide more throughput while maintaining flexibility by providing shelf ready packages. It’s important to know what your long-term goals are for automation and product flexibility.

With a large range of products offered for case packers at Douglas, it is important to understand what products you want to run through the case packer and what rates of speed so we can provide the right machine for you. Case designs will also influence what case packer is best suited for the job.

Trays, Half Slotted Containers (HSC), Harness, and Knock Down (KD) cases are all styles of cases that require different levels of flexibility in a case packer. With over 50 years of experience in case packing, Douglas will help you through this process and guide you to a solution that’s best for you.

What Is a Case Packer Machine?

A case packer machine is an automated machine that sets up a tray or wrap around case and loads product from the side, top or bottom. After the product is loaded, the case is closed and sealed by glue or tape.

Benefits of Case Packer Machines

Douglas case packers provide a large size range for various speed rates. This capability can allow increased throughput either at the time of purchase or down the road if there are future needs for it. Case packers are built to withstand different environments by offering different levels of wash down options.

With the flexibility of a large range of case designs, case packers are set up to run multiple designs in the same machine, including shelf ready and display cases.

Horizontal Load Case Packers

Douglas offers several different horizontal load case packers that include our Axiom® IM, Invex® IM, (New) CpONE, Axiom DL, and Axiom ARC models. Each model has different features that are focused on the needs of our customers.

The Axiom IM, Invex IM, and CpONE models are intermittent motion machines while the Axiom DL and Axiom ARC are continuous motion. The continuous motion models are faster machines while the intermittent motion models are smaller footprint and allow for more options to configure the product.

Top Load Case Packers

Top load case packers are a great solution for pouch and bottled products. Both the TriVex® RL and TriVex SL are capable of providing vertical pack and flat pack solutions for pouch products.

The RL model is also capable of unloading product from trays commonly used to make variety packs in the beverage market. The RL and SL models allow for an erector and sealer to be added on to provide an all-in-one solution.

Bottom Load Case Packers

Often times in case packing, the product orientation is important and in some cases you need to be careful in how the product is handled. The AscendTM platform allows us to load product from the bottom of a case, ensuring minimal steps in the product orientation process and giving us the option for both glue and tape sealing.

The Ascend is a bottom loader with a compact footprint. This platform allows us to add a larger variety of infeeds that can handle cartons, trays, tubs, cups, cans, bottles and heavier product.

Case Packers from Douglas Machine

With a large portfolio of case packer models, we believe we have a solution for almost any product you might have. Providing horizontal, top load, and bottom load case packers gives us the ability to handle so many different product configurations and throughput demands.

With over 50 years of experience, great service, and a strong support network, we are confident we will be able to provide solutions for your secondary packaging needs.

Be sure to contact us for more information on case packers and the value they can bring to your business. We’d love to help.