PartsPlus Proactive Replacement Part Programs

PartsPlus Proactive Replacement Part Programs


To maintain maximum performance in your packaging
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equipment and avoid costly downtime, replacing worn parts in a timely manner is critical. That’s precisely why Douglas designed the PartsPlus program to proactively deliver the right parts at the right time – keeping your machine running at optimum efficiency while minimizing unplanned interruptions to your production schedules.

  • Replacement parts to maximize production
  • Customized floor plan easily identifying areas of worn parts

  • Replacement Parts Specialists to recommend kits
  • Skilled technician to install kits
  • Field modification experts to recommend machine enhancements

  • Eliminate unexpected and costly downtime by identifying and replacing worn parts
  • Improve efficiency and extend machine life by keeping equipment at peak performance

  • Axiom Flight Chains & Drive: sprockets, flight chains, rails, bearings, gear boxes, motors
  • Axiom Loader: belts, motor, gear box, pulleys, rails, bearings
  • Axiom Magazine Bed: shafts, bearings, gear box, chain
  • Axiom Over/Under Belt: motor, gear box, rollers, bearings, shafts, pulleys, belts
  • Axiom Overhead Compression: bearings, rails, cartridges, rod ends
  • Axiom Paddle Loader: pulleys, bearings, belts, shocks, rails/cartridges, paddles, motor, gear box
  • Axiom Product Conveyor: sprockets, bearings, motor, gear box, nose bar, deck, chain
  • Axiom Set Up: vacuum arms/hoses, vacuum pump, gear box, motor
  • Axiom Stacker Catch Plates: shafts, bearings, cylinders, rod ends, Lexan side walls, catch plates
  • Axiom Traveling Glue Gun: bearing rail, motor, pulleys, bearings, drive belt, idler pulley
  • Axiom Infeed: bearings, rails, shafts, cylinder/brackets, springs, torque limiter, tampers, tamper pads
  • Elevator Blank Delivery: chains, rails, sprockets, shafts, hubs, gear box, motor
  • Lane Divider: belts, guides, springs, belt guide linkage pivot parts, gear boxes, belts, pulleys, shafts, bearings, chain, sprockets, idler rollers, crush wheels/inserts, rails, roller plates, gear box
  • Axiom Velocity Stacker & Belt Infeed
    • Loader section – motor, gear box, drive pulleys, bearing cartridges/rails, idler pulleys, bearings, belts, cylinders
    • Belt infeed – motor, gear boxes/keys, pulleys, bearings, guide rails, belts, bearing cartridges, bearing rails
    • Velocity stacker assembly – complete chain assembly including shelves and bearings, pulleys, sprockets, bearing cartridges/rails, cam tracks, cylinders/rod end bearings, motors, gear boxes/keys
  • Legacy Case Packer Discharge Chain: chain assembly, rails, sprockets, shafts, bearings, grob arms, rod end bearings
  • Legacy Case Packer Lower Drive Assembly: gear boxes, motors, belts, pulleys, clutch/brake assembly, chains, sprockets, line shaft/gear box couplings, bearings, cams, tensioners, torque limiters, clutch
  • Legacy Continuous and Intermittent Motion Case Packer Flight Chains: leading/trailing flight chains, rails, sprockets/bearings, spline shafts, grob hubs, bearings
  • Legacy Continuous and Intermittent Motion Case Packer Loader: loader/funnel chain assembly, chain guides, chains, pusher chain assembly, shafts, slide blocks, bearings, rails, sprockets, hubs, couplings, keys, cylinders, cam tracks, wheels, gear boxes
  • Legacy Continuous and Intermittent Motion Case Packer Magazine: chain, sprockets, gear motors, rails, valves, fittings, hoses (if applicable)
  • Legacy Continuous and Intermittent Motion Case Packer Overhead Compression: chains, hubs, bearings, sprockets, chain guides, cylinders (if applicable), side spline shaft assembly
  • Legacy Continuous and Intermittent Motion Case Packer Set-Up: vacuum arm assemblies, blocks, shafts, cam tracks, bearings, cams, rod ends, torque limiter (if applicable)
  • Legacy Continuous and Intermittent Motion Case Packer Sweep Section: sweep chains, sprockets, bearings, rails, torque limiter
  • Legacy Continuous Motion Case Packer Metering Cartridges: chains, rails, cam tracks, sprockets, shafts, bearings, couplings, transfer deck, paddles (if applicable)
  • Legacy Tray Stacker: chains, sprockets, shafts, bearings, brake calipers/disks, clutches, torque limiters, drive shaft, gear boxes
  • Magazine Tab Blank Chains: chains, sprockets, rails, gear drive motors
  • Legacy Intermittent Motion Axiom Knockdown Case Packer Flap/Funnels: bearings, plates, shafts, grob hub/arms, gears, threaded screw shafts
  • Legacy Intermittent Motion Axiom Knockdown Case Packer Progressive Tier Stacker: bearings, rails/shafts, bearings, springs, paddle parts, belts, crush wheels/inserts, chains, sprockets
  • Legacy Intermittent Motion Axiom Knockdown Case Packer Infeed Conveyor: chains, sprockets, shafts, bearings, guides
  • Legacy Intermittent Motion Axiom Knockdown Case Packer Loader: bearings, rails, shafts, cylinder/brackets, springs, torque limiter, tampers, tamper pads
Shrink Wrap
  • Shrink Wrap Contour™ Discharge Table: chain, sprockets, shafts, rollers/bearings, plates
  • Shrink Wrap Contour Flight Chains: flight chains, rails, sprockets, bearings, shafts, hubs, motors, gear boxes
  • Shrink Wrap Contour M3 Series 3-Bar Servo Metering: belts, pulleys, bearings, shafts, gear boxes, motors, metering bars, mounts
  • Shrink Wrap Contour M3 Series Infeed Conveyor under Smartrak: chains, sprockets, shafts, bearings, motors, gear boxes, decks, rails, nose bars
  • Shrink Wrap Contour M3 Series Servo Metering Belt: gear boxes, pulleys, motors, belts, roller assemblies, shafts, bearings, transfer decks
  • Shrink Wrap Contour M3 Series Sweep Chains: leading/trailing sweep chains, shafts, sprockets, bearings, gear box, motors, chain guide tracks
  • Shrink Wrap Contour Tunnel: chain, sprockets, shafts, wedges, bearings, tunnel curtains, fan blades, blower belts, heating elements or complete heater drawer, heater fan assembly, cooling chain fans
  • Shrink Wrap Contour Wand Drive: cam tracks, cam followers, bearings, shafts, wands, belts, pulleys, motor, gear box
  • Shrink Wrap Cutter: belts, rollers, shafts, cylinders, belt tensioners, decks, plates, static bars, lube fittings/line, installation wrenches, gears, gear box, motor, slitter assembly parts (if applicable), bearings, bushings, pulleys
  • Shrink Wrap Dancer Bar Rollers: rollers, shaft, cylinders, and springs
  • Shrink Wrap Metering Section: pulleys, shafts, bearings, belts, rollers, chains, sprockets
  • Shrink Wrap Side Film Stand: shafts, bearings, brakes, valves, regulators, rollers, splice assembly parts, Teflon tape, cushions
  • Shrink Wrap Tables: shaft assemblies, belts, rollers, shafts, chain assembly (if applicable), rails, sprockets, bearings
  • Shrink Wrap Tunnel (Pre-Contour): fans, shafts, belts, bearings, pulleys, shelves, tunnel curtains, heater elements, tunnel chain including sprockets, shafts, bearings
  • Shrink Wrap Wrapper Wand: rails, cam follower bearings, cam follower bolts, wands, shaft, bearings, sprockets, torque limiter
  • Slip Sheet Drive & Conveyor: slip sheet, slip sheet shaft, pulley/bearings, belts, motor, pulleys, chain, sprockets, shafts/bearings, decks, motor, gear box
  • Smartrack® or Bead Rail Infeed: beaded side rails, middle rails, curved bead rails

PartsPlus offers comprehensive part kits and unparalleled support. Transform your reactive maintenance into proactive control. Contact Douglas Technical Support or your Replacement Parts Specialist to learn more!