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Robotic Palletizing Systems

The Missing Piece to Complete Your Packaging Line

Designed to be integrated with Douglas packing and cartoning equipment, the Stratum® completes your packaging process from start to finish. This robotic palletizing system dispenses and conveys pallets, meters cases on the product infeed plus utilizes robotics to palletize cases and apply slip sheets. Take the next step towards seamless integration and add the finishing touch your customers have come to expect.

  • Runs up to 40 packages per minute
  • Pick and place of single, multiple cases, or rows
  • Capable of single-in/single-out or multi-in/multi-out configurations
  • Multiple robot models available based on application requirement
  • Slip sheet rack
  • Design configurations optimize robot utilization, case handling and pallet handling
  • Allen Bradley HMI interface
  • Guarding fence and light curtain discharge
  • Optional integration of third party stretch wrapping equipment

The end of arm tool is designed to accommodate various case sizes along with multiple quantity options. The cups can be customized electronically to the product being run. This design eliminates the need for physical adjustment.

Douglas designed and built the pallet dispenser to increase runtime and system rate capabilities. The dispenser holds 12-15 pallets and the magazine can be reloaded while the machine is running.

The pallet magazine dispenses pallets onto a conveyor at a rate of up to 90 pallets per hour. To increase performance dependent on environment, the dispenser works with a conveyor on either side or out the back.

This system is automatic, eliminating the need for the operator to manually intervene with each pallet. It is also capable of handling pallets with broken boards or defects.

Having its own HMI offers great flexibility and increased functionality by being a stand-alone unit with its own start/stop capabilities.


Product Rate: Up to 40 cases/minute
Size Range:

(application dependent)

Minimum (guideline): 4″ (101.6 mm) x 3″ (76.2 mm) x 6″ (152.4 mm)

Maximum (guideline): 17″ (431.8 mm) x 12″ (304.8 mm) x 22″ (558.8 mm)

* Direction of Travel x Vertical x Across Machine

Pallet Styles:

Capable of running custom pallets upon request

Pallet Patterns:

Determined using Fanuc Roboguide software

Pallet configurations are customizable per application.

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