Douglas Machine Launches New Logo!

A company’s logo is so much more than a simple marketing tool; it’s a symbol representing the values, promises and aspirations of an entire team of people. A logo also acts as a unique form of visual shorthand—a way to convey a company’s purpose and personality. And because these pillars of a brand change and evolve over time, so too should the brand’s symbols. Which leads us into the topic of today’s blog: the reveal of Douglas Machine’s new logo!

Designed to reflect Douglas’ vision for innovation, service and growth, our new logo symbolizes forward thinking and exceptional results. And while this redesign represents a huge change for our company, our dedication to unwavering integrity and improvement remain the same. Our Employee Owned, Customer Driven culture remains a cornerstone of who we are. We officially unveiled our updated logo and branding to the world during Pack Expo in Chicago, IL on October 14-17th.

Progress & New Horizons for Douglas Machine

Douglas Machine has come a long way since our founding in 1964. We’ve spent almost 55 years redefining the world of secondary packaging machinery, crafting innovative products and solutions that maximize packaging efficiency. Today, Douglas Machine is an established leader in the field, which is why Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers spanning the globe use our machines to streamline and optimize their secondary packaging operations.

One core value the Douglas team holds is Continuous Innovation & Improvement. From our cutting-edge products to our thoughtful services, we challenge the status quo and strive for excellence in everything we do. And this value extends to our branding, too. Our fresh logo and branding herald a new era of growth for Douglas Machine and — more importantly — our customers.

Another value of Douglas Machine is Servant’s Heart. That means we have an unending desire to support the customers and communities we serve. Our mission is to elevate customers through products and services that positively impact the world at large—achieving success and significance through our work.

Perfect Your Secondary Packaging With Douglas

Ready to learn more about Douglas Machine and our range of secondary packaging solutions? Then be sure to call or message us today. We’d be happy to provide any resources you need to find the best machine for your unique customer and business needs. Also, be sure to reach out to us if you have general questions about secondary packaging and the impact the right machine can have on your enterprise. We’re always here to help.